About Us


Website: www.huongviettravel.com

Huong Viet Travel has been established since 2002 at Hanoi Capital of Vietnam & known as one of the most outstanding travel agents not only in Vietnam but South East Asia. With a team of young, dynamic, much experienced personnel having a burning passion & thorough knowledge in the tourism, which allows Huong Viet Travel to bring all of you to any top-end services as requested. We did build up a wide range of representative offices in almost in Asian countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and China. At the time being, Huong Viet Travel is mainly emphasized on organizing all necessary services for Groups and FITs with tour of all kinds: Cultural tour, sightseeing tours, eco-tours, adventure tours, honeymoon tours, customized tours and MICEs with purposes of business. Besides that we are also able to offer some more extra services like hotel bookings, car transfers in segments, Visa to Vietnam, Visa extension & train & air-tickets throughout Vietnam & from Viet Nam to other countries in region. During 7 years in operation, we have been getting a lot of good comments as well as success in satisfying maximum all requirements from tourists & receiving the highest reputation from partners around the world. Together with our own experiences & confidences, Huong Viet Travel will totally commit to make your trips become memorable & unique with the highest satisfactions & our own successes today and tomorrow will be much depending on your own supports & estimation.

Chairman of Company
Vuong Binh Thanh

Nguyen Quoc Thang
Deputy Director

Ta Thi Hue Chi
Deputy Director

Nguyen Thi Trang Nhung
Chief Accountant

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh
Sales Assistant

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