Sapa: beautiful snowfall like Europe

From this morning 12/15/2013, snow began to fall in Sapa. Houses and trees coated with a “coat” of white, beautiful and surprise. Sapa: beautiful snowfall as Europe.

Snow in Sapa

The strengthening cold air has made the northern sunk in deep freeze

Around 8am (15/12), in the cold below 0 degrees C, the first snow of this winter fall down Sapa (Lao Cai) at Xe Mountain area, Fansipan. Then, the snow has expanded to O Quy Ho Pass area (the longest pass in Vietnam) , Silver Falls.

By noon, snow was clinging to trees and covered with white a layer, thick 5-7cm on the road, roof … At Seo Chung Ho, Ban Ho (15km from Sapa), snow covered peaks. Has snow, Sa Pa suddenly becomes magical, beautiful like the middle of winter in Europe. Many travelers said that they are lucky when travel to Sapa at the right occasion.

Snow in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam Adventure Tours

17 pm, the snow continued to fall down, traffic jams.

According to Le Thanh Hai, deputy director of the Center for Hydrometeorology Forecast Central, Sapa snow is so cold air mass moving north down associated with tropical weather in west wind effects. He said more, snowfall will continue until 16/12, then the temperature will increase.

Snow in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam Sightseeing Tours

Snow in Sapa

Snow in Sapa

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