Vietnam and Myanmar: visa exemption for tourists

The decision, tourist visa exemption for citizens of the two countries’ entry into the territory of each shall come into force on 26/10.

Now, travel to Myanmar is much easier with Vietnamese tourists and with Burmese tourists when travel to Vietnam.

Myanmar Bagan Pagoda

Traveling to Myanmar. It’s easy

Follow the agreement has been signed between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Myanmar, the citizens who carry the ordinary passport is valid for at least 6 months are exempt visa for entry, exit and transit with the period of stay not exceeding 14 days. If you wish to enter and stay for a period of 14 days must apply for visa procedures before entry.

Mountain Storm - Sapa - Vietnam

Mountain Storm – Sapa landscape – Vietnam

Thus far, the citizens of Vietnam when carry ordinary passports will be exempted visa for entry, transit and residence at the 9 ASEAN member countries. However, before every trip the citizens need to check duration of stay of visa exemption.

Myanmar Visa Services

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