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Sapa, Vietnam: A great place for trekking tours

Sapa, Vietnam is one of the most wonderful places for tours and holidays in Vietnam. Sapa trekking tours are comprise from 1 to 9 days of trekking to villages in Sapa. Trekking tours in Sapa offer great choice from easy to adventure or mountain climbing in Sapa. If you are looking for an adventure trekking holiday in Vietnam, Sapa is definitely a great choice for you.

Sapa, Vietnam Trekking Tours

Sapa trekking tours in Vietnam

Sapa is one of the most famous places for tours and holidays in Vietnam. Sapa is a small town in maintain area in Lao Cai province in Vietnam. Sapa has been well-known as a great destination for trekking tours.

Sapa is located in a height of 1.500 meters compared to sea level. Sapa is a quiet town and it is the home of five different ethnic groups: H’mong, Red Dao, Xa Pho, Tay and Giay. Sapa owns great and wonderful mountain range called Hoang Lien Son which consists of Fanxipan Mountain, at the height of 3,143 meters, the highest one in Indochina.

Sapa has been famous for trekking tours and holidays in Vietnam. Sapa has just perfect weather and climate this leave Sapa privilege a great choice for adventure and trekking tours while travelers visit Vietnam.

Travellers come to Sapa have wide ranges of choices for their trekking tours from 1 day to 9 days. With its stunning mountains, villages and beautiful Valley which is called Muong Hoa, Sapa provides some thing for everyone.

Trekking tours in Sapa for leisure travellers

Sapa, Vietnam Trekking Tours

For those who like leisure holidays can choose easy trekking tours to villages of minority people living around Sapa Town. For short and easy sapa trekking tours, travelers can choose the walk to Cat Cat, Ta Van, Y linh Ho or Hau Thao villages. The short trekking tours in Sapa offer travelers wonderful walk through beautiful mountains, following small trails or buffalo paths to visit villages and experience real daily life of minority people in Sapa.

Staying with local Family

Sapa, Vietnam Trekking Tours

Sapa is also famous for trekking tours which will alow people to stay overnight in home stay with local family in the villages. The home Stay tours in Sapa offers travelers great choice from two to 4 or 5 days of trekking to most of villages in Sapa. With those longer sapa trekking tours, travelers will explore the most beautiful places in Sapa with stunning and picturesque of rice terraces, hill tribe villages. Travellers will also have time to explore and get closer to real local life. The home stay tours in Sapa often allow travelers to stay in a local family, enjoy peaceful atmosphere and beautiful countryside in Sapa.

Sapa Adventure Trekking Tours For adventure travellers

Sapa, Vietnam Trekking Tours

Sapa is also famous for adventure trekking tours. Travellers also can choose to enjoy their adventure holiday in Sapa from 3 to 6 or even 9 trekking days. These trekking tours take travelers to the most remote villages and places which are less affected by tourism. These Sapa trekking tours will allow travelers explore amazing views and villages of Red Dao or H’mong people. Travelers will have more chance to explore amazing landscapes of rice terraces, waterfalls and mountains in Sapa.

Sapa Trekking Tours for mountainerring

Sapa, Vietnam Trekking Tours

For travelers who love mountainerring, Sapa is a great destination while travelling to Vietnam. Fanxipan Mountain in Sapa is a great challenge for mountain and adventure lovers.

Adventure and trekking tour in Sapa (5 days and 4 Nights)

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10 most famous tourist destinations in Myanmar

Myanmar (or Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhist with gold temples, monks and ancient monasteries and a lot of beautiful natural landscapes.

Myanmar is not only the pilgrimage land of the Buddha’s disciples but also hides a lot of exciting things for people who like adventure, discovery. Here, Huong Viet Travel introduce 10 unique tourist destination in Myanmar. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful country!

Shwedagon Golden Temple

1. Swedagon Golden Temple (Yangon)

This is a golden symbol of Myanmar, the temple is 2500 years old, its legend was born before the Buddha died. Swedagon tower is 98m high and many smaller towers are around where save many sacred treasures of Buddhism. Although there are a lot of wars and calamity, Swedagon is still one of the largest temples in the world.

2. Golden Rock (Mon State)

Monk at Golden Rock

It’s more than 200km far from Yangon, Golden Rock’s at an altitude of 1,100 m, with little pagodas Kyaiktyo create a relic unique. Golden Rock is famous by the protruding and gold surfaces. If you want to go on the Kyaiktiyo temple, you sure have to pass Golden Rock. However, only men can approach Golden Rock, women could only remote viewing .

3. Shwezigon Golden Temple (Bagan)

Shwezigon Golden Temple

Located in Bagan (capital of the ancient Pagan kingdom where focused thousands of big and small temples). Shwezigon Golden temple that is the second largest In Myanmar, was built in the 12th century

4. Shwesandaw Temple (Bagan)

Shwesandaw Pagoda Sunset

In Bagan, you should come to Shwesandaw every sunset to watch the sunset. Standing from here, you can see the legend Bagan lands with thousands of large and small temples, towers. It’s really very impressive

5. Ananda Temple (Bagan)

Ananda Temple

Also located in Bagan, Ananda is built in the 11-12 centuries. This is a testament about the golden age of the Bagan kingdom with the reign of the great king Tilinman. Ananda has unique architecture, unlike the two famous Golden temple above, and also unlike temples or towers in the Bagan area.

6. Mahamuni Temple (Mandalay)


Mandalay is Burma’s capital, where have a lot of temples and the monk. Mahamuni Temple that is a gold symbol of Mandalay, was built in the 18th century. There are a 4m high statue, weighing is 6.5 tonnes and was plated gold layer 15cm thick – so annual the Buddhist devotees still come here to dedicate and continue platinize the statues.

7. Inhwa Village (Mandalay)

Inwa is a beautiful little village beside Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is famous tourist destination with multiple heritages as Bagaya Kyaung monastery was built by 267 teak pillars or Nanmyin leaning tower that is 27m high …

8. Mingun village (Mandalay)

Mingun village

Mingun there are many monuments and landscapes but the most prominent is the Mingun bell and sometimes people object Chinthe are considered treasures. Chinthe (mascot half lion half dragon) is a pair of giant statues standing guard by the river bank. But stupa Mingun gives the opposite feeling overwhelmed, orange brick block striking blue sky lofty.

9. Ubein Bridge (Mandalay)

Ubein Bridge

Ubein Bridge that is in Amarapura ancient village, is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2 km). Wooden bridge was almost 200 years old. The way that Amarapura Villagers comeback home, was the pilgrims path of the monks who wore long robes … From U Bein Bridge, sunset was brilliant and impressive that any visitor will remember if they have ever seen

10. Inle Lake (Shan)

Inle lake

Inle Lake is about 11km wide, stretches 22 km from north to south. When you have adventure tour or sightseeing tour to the lake, you will experience many emotions: going through the floating house, the boat, the fisherman who wear traditional dress Longiy, sailing as artists ….

Myanmar Tours 2013: 11 things that you haven’t known

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Anatomy of a Burmese Teashop – Myanmar

As England is to pubs, Myanmar (Burma) is to tea shops. You’ll find them everywhere, sometimes lined up one after another, with their little plastic stools and small tables spilling out onto the sidewalks and into the streets.

Myanmar tea shop

Soe Than, prepping puri for breakfast at Shwe Ya Minn.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorites, Shwe Ya Minn tea shop. Located on the market block of the small “hill station” town of Kalaw (Shan State), it might be tough to spot without a readily visible English sign. Instead, you’ll have to look for the crowds.

Myanmar tea shop

Shwe Ya Minn tea shop. Kalaw, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma)

Although open all day, often from 6am until 10pm, the busiest times are early in the morning for breakfast, and in the evenings when they move an LCD TV from inside and onto a wall outside. In the early morning and later in the evening, there can be more than a dozen tables around, and in between, it’ll shrink to half of that.

The shop is owned by Hla Shwe and his family and they have been in business for 3 years. Thirty-nine year old Hla Shwe manages the shop, while his father, Melit, handles the money from behind a makeshift counter. A staff of kids on summer vacation run around taking care of the rest.


Standard money management for a business in Myanmar (Burma)


Stickers from the NLD party in Myanmar (Burma). Something that you likely wouldn’t see even a few years ago.

For breakfast, you’ll often see them frying an assortment of sweet pastries like naan with sugar, puri, samosa, and char kway. You’ll have to get there early though, as they stop frying by 8am, and after that you’ll be out of luck besides the left over samosa and cha quay they keep in a case.

When you sit down, you can help yourself to tea (free). If you don’t find a thermos of tea on the table, you can be sure that one will be brought to you shortly. People often pour a small amount into the cups provided, swish it around to wash, then toss the liquid onto the street. You may also want to wipe it down with a piece of tissue as well, which you’ll find in a plastic container, rolled up like toilet paper.

Not far behind that, there will be samosa and char kway delivered to your table. The samosas are typically made with vegetable or potato inside and cost 100k (~$0.10). Char kway, also only 100k, are U-shaped fried dough that are often dipped into the tea served with condensed milk (laphet-yeh). Whether you choose to eat them of not, they’ll be brought to our table. You just pay for what you eat when you leave.

Myanmar tea shop

Char kway and samosa, cheap eats for breakfast in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar tea shop

Puri is my breakfast of choice at Shwe Ya Minn. Three puri bread with a side of potato curry and a side of spicy tomato purry will set you back 300 kyat (~$0.35).

Myanmar tea shop

Tissue rolls for cleanup, and you might need them after eating a greasy pastry or two.

My favorite breakfast is puri. It’s a light, fried bread that puffs up to look like a soft UFO. It comes served with both a side of potato curry and a side of tomato puree mixed with chilly to enjoy with. It’s one of those things that when it’s good, it’s great… and at Shwe Ya Minn, it’s great. A plate including three puri will cost you a cool 300 kyat (~$0.35), making it a fantastic deal.

After 8am when things quiet down, fried noodles, basic rice dishes, and soups can be had for 500kyat to 1000kyat (~$0.50-$1.00).

Of course, being a tea shop there will be plenty of tea options for you. The most popular is “laphet-yeh” (200kyat, ~$0.20) which is the tea mixed with condensed milk. Perhaps it’s the sweetness that does it, as I know more than a few travelers that can’t get enough of this and can’t wait to try to make it at home themselves. Coffee and also “coffee-mix” (brand name packets of milk powder & sugar) are also available to be had. If you’re like me and not into coffee or tea, no problem. Bottled water and soft drinks are on hand to quench the thirst and keep dehydration at bay.

Myanmar tea shop

Laphet-yeh step one with “tea master” Mg Naing: condensed milk


Down to a science. Tea master Mg Naing churns out glasses of laphet-yeh with fluidity and style.

Interestingly enough, single cigarettes are 50kyat each (~$0.05), and communal lighters are attached to poles by rubber bands around the shop. Not my scene, but popular with the locals.

Myanmar tea shop

Cigarettes by the single. Shwe Ya Minn tea shop in Kalaw (Shan State)

Myanmar tea shop

Lighter on a leash.

To attract attention, you’ll often hear a “kissing sound.” After all of these months spent in the country, I still haven’t been brave enough to add it to my repertoire, but in my experience, the Burmese love it when travelers try it out. If you’re feeling bold, go for it!

When you’re finished, you can break out some Burmese and impress the locals. Doing my best to write these out phonetically, so try them out (and often) until you get them down.

How much total? – Beh lao jah leh

Food is good! – Sa low koun deh

Enjoy your tea shop experience, wherever in Burma (Myanmar) it may be!

Keeping you fed at Shwe Ya Minn: (R to L) Soe Than, Kyaw Myint Than, Mu Lay Win.

Myanmar tea shop

Kyaw Myint Than making puri shortly after sunrise in Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma)

Soe Than cleans up after the morning rush. Kalaw, Myanmar (Burma)

If you enjoyed this, you can read more on Myanmar / Burma, travel tips for Myanmar/Burma.

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Adventure tours in Vietnam by bike

Are you interested in exploring, adventure, enjoying life with fun things. Have you ever had Vietnam adventure tours by bike (Vietnam Biking Tours) ? Now, let’s learn more with Huong Viet Travel

biking tour

When thinking about traveling by bike, many people will think about the difficult and weariness. But with people who love to explore, experience the exciting life, adventure by bike is not uncommon, many people can participate in the journey through Vietnam by bike. If you can not participate in the arduous journey, you can join the short adventure trip, around where you live.

To participate in the exciting journey that you need to have some experience adventure travel by bike. Let’s travel Vietnam to learn about the slopes, the heat, the rain in forest, the problems in journey when conquer new land by the iron horse. It will be less weariness and more wonderful when you leave the luggage and backpack.

If you are interested in conquer but being the first time to travel in Vietnam by mountain bike, you can choose paved road, sometimes the road is not completely flat, but you can still cycle easily to enjoy the scenery, or explore the cultural life of the region.

biking tour

If you are the professional steering, you should choose gravel roads as journey Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sa Pa – Lai Chau (Adventure in Lai Chau, Vietnam. Experience for you). Journey to conquer new lands of the country that always attracted and attractive such as: Ham Pig, Thung Nai, Ho Nui Coc, Hai Van Pass …

Along the way you may encounter situations very often but you need to be really calm. Sometimes it is the technical problems as brake wear, tire burst, curved bent rim … so you must bring things that you can use to repair in the personal baggage.

Especially from health problems is one thing you should attention specialy. Cycling needs to use a lot of power and sometimes you can be cramps, sunstroke …

biking tour

Add a special note, you can easily get lost if you followed the interesting things that you discover, or simply forget the way to the hotel with the group.

At such times, you need to come to the nearest member and do not ever forget mobile phones.

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Myanmar Tours 2013: 11 things that you haven’t known

With the new policy about tourists, Myanmar is becoming hot destination this year – Myanmar Tours 2013

Thingyan water festival

1. Myanmar festival in April

It is called Thingyan, or water festival that takes place in April every year.

Thingyan water festival takes place four days and in this time, all the shops, restaurants, stores were closed. People throw water on each other to clean the unfortunate and sins of the old year.

2. Internet is not prohibited, but very slowly

Since 2000, the Internet has allowed to use in Myanmar, but with price is a very high and transmission speeds is slow. Phone tariffs is higher than other Asian countries.

3. Beautiful beaches

Ngapali beach

Myanmar has 2,000 km coastline and one of them is the most beautiful beaches in Asia. These beach stretch the Bengal bay. The most famous beach is Ngapali, 45 minutes flight from Yangon.

4. Carrying cash and keep them clean

There are very few ATMs in Myanmar so, you need to carry a lot of cash. You also need to keep it very clean: no stains, no creases …because the currency will lost value

Credit cards can only be used in the 5 star hotel or luxury restaurant and Next year, The credit card will be accepted and used widely in Myanmar.

5. Call the beer by kiss sound

Myanmar beer

In Myanmar, when the people want to attract attention with the waiter, they usually create sounds that like the kiss (2 – 3 times). That’s the reason you will hear the sound of kiss everywhere on the streets in Myanmar

6. Expensive Hotels

Hotel room rates in Myanmar are higher than Asian countries. Since Myanmar has opened, a lot of tourists have come to this country, but many hotels were still being built and not yet meet all customers

7. Men wearing skirts


Traditional Costumes of Myanmar is longyi, a skirt is wrapped around people by both men and women.

A lot of men wear underwear inside while in rural Myanmar, they are naked inside. They say that It is the way to deal with the temperature always at 40 degrees C.

8. Just eat with right hand

Eating with your left hand in Myanmar is indecorous act. In Myanmar, the left hand is only used for personal hygiene. So, when handling food or give money to someone, you have to use by the right hand.

The Myanmar people use fingers to squeeze rice into small cubes and mixe with other foods. The Buddhists do not eat beef, while Muslims do not eat pork.

9. Poor quality trains

Services in Myanmar (travel by train) is rather poorly. Myanmar train go very slowly and late. At night, the temperature is cold on the ship while the day is very hot.

10. Newsagents in Yangon

Limited information for a long time, The press is almost the only way that Myanmar people can learn about the world. That is reason, there are a lot of newsagents every streets in Myanmar.

11. People chew betel


Eating betel is the daily pleasures of the people in Myanmar. The stalls sell betel nut everywhere. People constantly chew betel to reddish-brown staining teeth.

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Cat Ba beach tourism 2013

Traveling to Cat Ba ( Halong ): Cat Ba beach tourism 2013 – you will be discovered the beauty of nature and the wonderful seafood dishes that still taste the sea.

Cát bà

Summer is so hot , sitting in the room with air conditioning but still feel discomfort. While I was sitting glumly in the room, my friend invited me to travel to Cat Ba with tour of Huong Viet Travel. I agreed. Coming to Cat Ba beach in summer, it is really very interesting

Cát bà

After 3 hours in the car, We have arrived in Ha Long-Tuan Chau. Wind blow gently from sea, salt salty that dispel heat, sweltering. Later, coming to Cat Ba Island by ship, At this time, It’s sunny and sea was sapphires blue… It’s the first time we came to the new world wonder, Ha Long heritage. We feel romantic and wistfulness.

Coming to Cat Ba, we stay at hotel that we can view the sea and rest after a long journey. Later, we visited Lan Ha Bay, stunning bay with rocks that be scattered around, blue water. The fun guide introduction about the bay history and entertainment activities.

Cát bà

In the afternoon, the sunset over the sea is very beautiful, we ate seafood and watched the brilliant sunset.

Night on Cat Ba Island is quite uproarious but It will be silent when time is over 23 pm.

The next morning, we went to visit Cat Ba National Park. Early morning, it’s very cool, fresh air. Later, Climbing the tower, visit Cat Hai Bungalow, cycling around the foot of the mountain.

After 03 days traveling and visit Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, breathe the sea breeze, we left the island and returned home.

Cát bà

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The Street food: Special dishes in myanmar

Go around the downtown Yangon, visitors can enjoy the street food, special dishes in Myanmar such as tea and flat bread, samosa salad, yogurt …


Myanmar cuisine that few people know and be influenced cultural of neighboring countries such as India, Thailand, and China, but this country’s cuisine still has its own characteristics.

Myanmar dishes are often very sour, and be usually accompanied with side dishes, such as curry meat with herbs, sauces and many other spices.

Tea and flatbread

milk tea

Milk tea is usually sold on the low tables around the sidewalks in Yangon, morning and evening is the most appropriate time to enjoy this tea. Similar to “chai” in India, Myanmar milk tea is black, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, be eaten with Indian flatbread that be sprinkled with sugar or fried bread sticks.

Samosa salad

samosa salad

Samosa salad or “thoke” is the main dish in the culinary culture in Myanmar. Almost everything is diced and mixed to create “thoke”. Ingredients and taste’s samosa salad are different by each sellers, but still basically chopped samosa (triangles bread is fried with potatoes, turmeric, beans), green beans, cabbage, shallots and tomatoes. Add a few leaves of fresh mint or cilantro, and a few drops of lemon juice to add charming dish. Samosa salad is sold at the streets in Yangon, so visitors can easily enjoy this dish anywhere.

Food of the Shan people

Shan is an ethnic group living in northeastern Myanmar, and their cuisine is adored by people in Myanmar. Shan is characterized by the yellow lentil flour that is the basic components, make food more unique

Shan noodle

The stalls that selling Shan dishes, always stand out with large chunks of Shan tofu (made ​​from yellow lentils or chickpeas), and yellow noodles. You can eat Shan tofu by 3 different ways: eating hot soup, eating cold with salad, hard tofu, cabbage, chili sauce, crushed peanuts and coriander or fried (eating with sauce)



One cup of yogurt will help cool down the body very well in the hot afternoon. Here, It is usually homemade yogurt and put in the big aluminum bowl. You can enjoy yogurt with sugar and ice, or add with fruit such as strawberries or avocado. In addition, sugarcane juice is also popular soft drinks in Myanmar.



The 19 road that is between Mahabandoola and Anawrahta Roads, is a lively collection of BBQ restaurants. when you chose your restaurant (all similar), grab a basket and start picking food from potatoes, zucchini, octopus, chicken …

Give it to chef who will cook and bring back for you. Some food was marinated with spices, but still has some spices on the table for you. Seller will charge by counting the number of oblique that be left on your plate.

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Halong travel Tips, things to know

Travel tips in Halong – Ha Long is one of the 7 wonders of the new world. It is a large attraction for local and foreign tourists who coming to travel (adventure or sightseeing …). Now, let’s learn some information about Halong Tourism with Huong Viet Travel.

Halong bay


Hoang Long or Kumho coach runs from Hanoi, Vietnam – Bai Chay, Halong daily, continuously at the My Dinh bus station, Luong Yen, Gia Lam with price: 90,000 VND / person.

Time to move from 3.5 to 4 hours. You can also buy tickets in Vietnam travel agent, prices can be more expensive 10,000-20,000 VND than bus station.

Bai Chay - Halong

Buy tickets to visit Halong bay and yacht at the dock, You can visit with other group, other travelers. Ha Long tourist boats will take you to the famous Halong locations as Thien Cung, Dau Go, go sailing on Halong Bay, Dragon Island, Fighting Cock Islet, Dinh Huong island, Dog Rock, Van Gia fishing village … or the beaches such as Ti Top beach, Soi Sim beach, Three Peach. You can see the ship’s schedule that is appropriate with your program discover.


Hotels, motels

There are many different levels: luxury hotels or guesthouses near Post Office, cross the street is Bai Chay beach. The more upscale hotels has better position. Rooms cost is 250,000 VND / double rooms or more.

Hotel in Hlong

One of the preferred choices of tourists are sleeping overnight on the bay to enjoy the fresh air and the freshness of the sea. Ship overnight on the bay there are many levels of quality and prices. you should choose well-known brands. Best, you should ask hotel or contact to travel agent.

Bhaya legend

If you spend the night on the bay, visitors can purchase Halong tour package including meals, sightseeing, overnight. The cost is around 1,000,000 VNĐ or more.

Ha Long Bay

Tuan Chau Island is a place to visit, relax that is suitable for individual travelers or travel groups. If you can rent a lounge and reading, relaxing or swimming with family and friends on the weekend, it will be an interesting option on summer. Here, you also can explore the musical fountain park and watch the dolphins.



Seafood is always the best choice. The popular dishes, reasonable prices that are near the Peach Garden, night markets, food markets are tourist attractions. Price is about 100,000 + meals + / capacity, 30,000 + Breakfast + / productivity (+ + is the price may be higher depending on the ship, depending on the food).

Kayaking is a amusing sport that a lot of people love and choose when coming to Halong. There are many cruise ships that offer this service in the tour package. (Vietnam Cruise Tours)


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