Discover and adventure in Myanmar: 6 reasons which you should go on summer 2013

Are you interested in discovering cultural or adventure ? Let’s discover and adventure in Myanmar where you really should not be ignored with Huong Viet Travel


1. Myanmar opened to tourists

In the last five decades, Myanmar is almost closed with all forms of travel. Sightseeing in Myanmar without service marks, it’s almost impossible. But in the last 2 years, several new policies have been adopted. Myanmar started opening to welcome visitors. The country is a mystery, one of the most attractive destinations on the planet.


2. Myanmar has not been affected much by modern life

Because of opening late, Myanmar has not been affected much by modern life. The monuments, works from the 10th century is original, not too many restaurants on the beach. All services whose prices aren’t too high when you have adventure tours in Myanmar

3. Imbued with national identity

Girl Wearing Thanaka Face Paint

In Myanmar, people are still very good at keeping the identity, traditions of their country. Locals still wear Longvi. They still use Thanaka, a cream that is extracted from the bark, replace sunscreen and skin care. On the streets, people still see the barefoot monks and oxcart which are branded taxis, are the main means of transportation.

monks in myanmar

4. Adventure, discovery

If you like to become an Indiana Jones in the movie “The Adventures of Indiana Jones”. Myanmar is the destination for you. The country has numerous buildings, archaeological sites such as the impressive gilded Stupa tower, murals are carved nicely. The country has thousands of temples, monasteries

Balloon over Bagan

You can also choose Myanmar adventure tours with balloons in Bagan, discover “hidden gems” here.

5. The bustling markets

Market Snacks

Myanmar market is one of the destination where you shouldn’t miss, when you travel in Myanmar. The sellers present their products on the ground, under the tent… Myanmar Market has all kinds of tropical fruits, fish, shrimp … very cheap price, with plenty of interesting crafts such as textiles, appliances, souvenirs that were made of bamboo, wood …

myanmar streetfood

6. Inle Lake

Inle Lake

If you want to admire the unique lifestyle of the ethnic groups in Myanmar, Coming to Inle Lake. Around this large lake, there are many people who living in the house on the water by columns. People still keep the activities of life: spinning, weaving, paddle …

Inle Lake area is particularly popular with rare fabrics, silk material is taken from the lotus flower that grows on the lake.

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