Some tips for hiking tours in Vietnam or everywhere on the world

Easy, convenient, anytime, anywhere and for everyone which is the advantage of trekking ( hiking ) tour. However, you need to understand the information fully before going. It will be very useful for your health. Now, Let’s Learn some hiking tips with Huong Viet Travel.

Vietnam, Sapa adventure trekking

Adventure trekking tours in Sapa, Vietnam

What should you prepare before going?

– Know your healthy. Get enough sleep, not fasted before the journey because you can be dizzy, fainting, weakness, and even death if walking on the rugged terrain.

– Bring detailed maps, read the document about where you go, and combines the modern handheld technology device.

Adventure on a hike to montana

Adventure hiking

– Choose boots cover the ankle, hard toe, deep grooves to grip better on the way and avoid slippery. Best, you should buy walking shoes and walk a few days before your trekking, hiking and walking adventure tours in Vietnam or everywhere.

– Wearing a backpack to keep your balance. Only bring necessary equipment, most compact.

Hiking adventure

– Preparing water, foods such as dried meat, sausage, chocolate bars, cheese, fruits ( apples, pears, peaches … )

– what do you need to bring? clock, compass, multi-function knife which you can pocket, flashlight, sunscreen, anti insect cream, sunglasses, handkerchief or tissue, cotton, antiseptic. Pedestrians watch birds (bird-watching) certainly can not forget to bring binoculars. As pedestrians at Nordic (nordic walking), you must buy a pair of dedicated sticks.

– If the weather can be rain, you need bring umbrella (though) or raincoat, plastic bag to wrap your backpack and wrap your shoes (if shoes are not waterproof), cover, tents, sleeping bags (for camping) …

Hiking adventure

– Go in groups without professional guide

– Follow the trails which were instructed. Not trying go to dangerous area, trying climbs up the craggy mountain with your climbing tours.

– Not picking flowers, breaking bough, teasing or killing animals in order to avoid danger yourself and protect the environment.

Hiking adventure

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