Sapa valley trek, ref. T3A

Sapa – Thanh Phu – Sin Chai – Nam Sai – Nam Toong – Sapa


Visiting  different ethnic groups  such  as  the Tay,  the Xa  Pho  who  which cannot  be  found in  other areas  of Sapa. Even though they live close to each other, their  living standard, their customs  and traditions are not the same. Also enjoy beautiful landscape in Ban Ho valley.

 Nam Toong - Sapa - Vietnam Travel Packages


Ban Lech - Vietnam Travel PackagesDay 1: Sapa – Ban Lech – Thanh Phu – Sin Chai B (L, D)

Met up at your hotel in Sapa by local guide and driver then transferred 18 km to Ban Lech village of the Red Zao. We will trek along a narrow valley downhill for 2 hour to the Ngoi Bo River, then uphill for  1  hour  to  Muong  Bo  Village  at the  center  of  Thanh Phu  Commune where your  lunch  will  be provided in a local house.

After lunchtime, you will trek gradually uphill to Nam Cum Village and then head to Sin Chai B village of Red Dao where the night will be spent in a bamboo hut in the village

Approx: 1-hour driving/ 6 hours walking/ 1-hour lunch.

Day 2: Sin Chai B – Nam Than – Nam Nhiu – Nam Sai (B, L, D)

Sin Chai Village - Vietnam Travel PackagesToday’s trek takes you through terraced rice paddies, bamboo forest and villages of the Red Zao and Tay such as Sin Chai A, Nam Than, Nam Nhiu with many stops for visiting local homes, schools as well as for taking photos. Your lunch will be prepared and served in a local house.

In the afternoon, you head to Ban Sai village of Tay minority, near the center of Nam Sai Commune. Here you will walk around to explore this village and home stay overnight here in a house on stilts. Dinner will be served with Vietnamese dishes.

Approx: 5 hours walking/ 1-hour lunch

Day 3: Nam Sai – My Son – Nam Toong – Sapa (B, L, -)

Nam Toong - Sapa - Vietnam Travel PackagesOn  the  last  day  of  the  trek  you  will  cross several suspension  bridges  and  trek  through lush  rice paddy fields and stunning scenery. Once leaving Ban Sai, you will cross the river after paying visit to My  Son ?  a  village of  the  Xa  Pho  group  and  then  follow  a  narrow  trail  uphill  to  Nam  Keng  and continue to Nam Toong, where you have lunch in a local school.

In the afternoon, your trek will be firstly downhill to Ban Ho village where you will have time for a swim in the river. The car will meet you there and return you to Sapa.

Approx: 1-hour driving/ 5 hours walking/ 1 hour lunch

Cost in US$ per person in the party of (valid 30 Sep ’11)

Sapa valley trek, ref. T3A

1 pax


2 pax


3 pax


4 pax


5-8 pax


9-12 pax


13-16 pax



  •  Transportation in private air-conditioned vehicle with driver
  •  Accommodation in homestay
  •  Meal as mentioned: B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner
  •  English or French speaking guide
  •  Entrance fee to indicated sights

EXCLUDING: Other meals, tip, drinks, single room, personal expenses, insurance…

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