Hanoi – Hoa Binh – Mai Chau – Xa Linh – Ninh Binh – Ha Noi

Day 1: HANOI – HOA BINH – MAI CHAU (-/L/D) Vietnam Travel Packages
In the morning, we start from Hanoi to Hoa Binh – the nearest place from Hanoi that we can see the ethnic minorities.
Arrive in Mai Chau. With Thais’s houses-on-stilts, the valley is surrounded by rice fields, mountains and forest.
Today we are going to have a short trekking journey (or bike tour) to some of remote villages of Thai People inhabiting in Mai Chau valley. This trip to the northwest highland of Mai Chau offers a balance of cultural and physical activities set amongst some northern Vietnam’s stunning natural landscape. We will have opportunities to observe the local lifestyle of these minority people in a pretty valley with a patchwork of rice paddies, farms and houses-on-stilts.
Evening: after dinner in a family, we have the opportunity to take part to a traditional dance show.
O/N at house on stilts in Pom Coong remote village.

Day 2: MAI CHAU – NINH BINH (B/-/-)
After breakfast, transfer up to Xa Linh (35 km from Mai Chau to Moc Chau). We take a walk to Hmong village to discover the local people life.
Then transfer to Ninh Binh province. Having lunch at a local restaurant on the way. The drive in the afternoon gives us the opportunity to see water wheels, rice fields, limestone mountains… Arrive at hotel.
Dinner and overnight in Ninh Binh

Vietnam Travel PackagesDay 3: TAM COC – PHAT DIEM – HANOI (B/-/-)
Breakfast at hotel.
In the morning, we embark a cruise on a river through the quiet and peaceful landscape of rice fields surrounded by limestone formations to the grottoes of Tam Coc.
After lunch, transfer to Phat Diem – a catholic village in the typical countryside. One the way, we have the opportunity to experience the local people life. Then visiting the Cathedral made on wood and stone in Asian style. Transfer back to Hanoi. The tour ends after arrival in Ha Noi.

INCLUDING: Transfer by private air-conditioned vehicle; accommodation in stilts house & at hotel (sharing twin room); English speaking guide; entrance fees to indicated sights; boat trip; 1 lunch + 1 dinner + 2 breakfasts.

Cost in US$ per person in the party (valid 30 Sep’11)





2 pax

    455     451     N/A

3 – 6 pax

    248     251     N/A

7 -10 pax

    204     207     N/A

11 – 14 pax

    121     152     N/A

15 – 19 Paxs

    122     124     N/A

20 – Upwards

    112     124     N/A

Single supplement

    15     12     N/A

Full board supplement

    24     28     N/A


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