Hanoi – Maichau Trekking – Staying At Maichau Lodge

In the morning, we start from Hanoi to Duong Lam village, a purely agricultural village of the Northern Red River delta where still preserve many hundred-year-old houses. It will be your unique experience as you walk along tiny ancient alleys; visit Mong Phu Communal House in Mong Phu hamlet – the only hamlet whose original village entrance gate remains intact, dedicated to national heroes. Have the opportunity to bike in the village and have some talks with the locals in their ancient houses by visiting the ancient houses of Mr Lam, Mr Ha and Mr Huyen. After that, we continue walking to visit Mia Pagoda (other hamlet in Duong Lam village), is built in 15 th century and admire 287 statues of all sizes, among with are famous sculpture such as the statue of Buddha in the Himalayas and the statues of the Eight Vajra Deities. Then visit Ngo Quyen temple and Phung Hung temple, places dedicated to two national heroes Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung.

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Lastly, we will go back a local family to enjoy your special lunch with Vietnamese foods in an ancient house.
At around 14:00, we will keep heading to Mai Chau valley & view sunset behind the hills.
At night, you will have chance to enjoy a very unique traditional dances, folk songs displayed by Thai maidens. Lastly, you will have a small & simple farewell by a jar of mild herbal wine (Ruou Can) drunk throughout pipes. Dinner at village.
O/N at Mai Chau Lodge


Option 1 (hard trek): MAI CHAU – XAM KHOE – MAI CHAU
After breakfast, transfer by car to the valley center. We start t to trek mountainsides to Xam Khoe Village. The trekking is difficult at times with some steep uphill and downhill walking, but the views are incredible however some physical preparation will enable you to fully appreciate today’s trek. Picnic lunch in a family.
Get back to Pom Coong Village in the afternoon for a shortly leisure walking before going back to Mai Chau Lodge.
Dinner & O/N at Mai Chau Lodge.

Option 2 (soft trek): MAI CHAU – XA LINH – MAI CHAU
After breakfast, transfer by car 30km on the destination to Moc Chau. Today we have the opportunities for trekking through Hmong Villages with chance to contact local people.
Picnic lunch en route. Transfer back to Mai Chau Valley.
Dinner & O/N at Mai Chau Lodge.

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Day 3: MAI CHAU – HANOI (B/-/-)
After breakfast, we have a cycling tour around the valley before transfer back to Hanoi.
Arrive in Hanoi in the afternoon.

Tour price in US$ will be valid until 30-Sep-2011

1 pax 2 pax 3 – 6 pax 7 – 10 Pax 11 – 14 pax 15 – 19 Pax 20-Upwards
720 418 377 326 310 307 294

* Services included: Transfer by private air-conditioned vehicle; accommodation at Mai Chau Lodge; English speaking guide; entrance fees to indicated sights; 2 lunches + 2 dinners + 2 breakfasts.

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