Myanmar Indie Travel Tips

There are disagreements about what to call this country. Is it Burma? Myanmar? Something else? The political situation in Myanmar, or Burma, is unstable, but the country has been able to do something that few places can, undergo a somewhat violent change in power without making the destination unsafe for travelers.

What to do

Traveling to Myanmar gives you sense of the south east Asian culture and lifestyle. Although Myanmar has more coastline than much of the rest of the countries surrounding it, tourists go to Myanmar in order to experience the local culture and cuisine rather than lounge on the beaches. Myanmar cities and the people are the biggest tourist attraction, but plan a trip through Mandalay to experience the best of both.

Getting there

The best way to get to Myanmar is to fly in to Bangkok, in Thailand. Many Thai and Asian airlines operate between major airports around Aisa and Bangkok and you’ll find the most plentiful flights by hopping through another major hub.

Where to stay

The tourist centers of Mandalay, Yagon and Bagan have a wide selection of hotels. There are many hostels and budget hotels throughout the country as well. For luxury accommodation, there are five star resorts and deluxe hotels up and down the coastline, as well as on Inlay Lake.


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